Winner Casino Releases New Spiderman Video Slot

October 23, 2013


Super heroes are always good themes for video slots. Playtech has created an entire line of games based on super heroes and groups from the Marvel Universe, and they even added a set of four special progressives to most of them. These progressives are linked together to give you bigger jackpots more often, and the top ones always offer a life-changing sum of money as the top prize. Recently, Winner Casino, which is powered by Playtech, has announced the release of a new video slot. This game is a great addition to the lineup.

The new game is Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin, and it's based on the popular Spiderman series. You'll have a lot of chances to win since this game has 25 paylines, and that means there are 25 different ways to hit winning combinations on each spin. And that doesn't even count scatter payouts! This game uses five reels with three symbols on each, and although the format of the game is pretty normal, it offers a lot of great features including a cool bonus round based on the radioactive spider that started the whole saga. Battle the Green Goblin and save New York in this awesome video slot.

A lot of familiar characters make appearances in this game. While you would expect Spiderman and the Green Goblin, you'll also see Mary Jane, Peter Parker in his normal clothes and a whole host of animated sequences that show you the action as it happens. This is on par with how other games like Iron Man, Iron Man 2, X-Men, Blade, Elektra, The Fantastic Four, Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk and others showcase a wide range of characters from their respective series. By using a lot of characters and symbols from the series, these games are able to capture the essence and feel of the super hero stories that they are based on.

Winner Casino is a popular online casino that Australian players have as one of their favorites because of their wide selection of slots. They have a number of games with big progressive jackpots, and these titles give you a shot at completely changing your life with big five-figure, six-figure or even seven-figure prizes. Overall, the Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin video slot is an excellent addition to the wide range of games already available for players to enjoy at Winner Casino.