Winner Casino Announces Their Three Most Popular Titles

July 31, 2013


Knowing player trends is extremely important for an online casino. These trends hold the keys to giving players more of what they want, and it's necessary to appease players if you want to build any type of meaningful base of loyal players over time. One of the ways to keep up with the trends is to pay attention to which games are the most popular and which games do not get much play. Chances are, the features, ideas and brands in the most popular titles will give you some major clues on how you can attract and keep more players satisfied.

Winner Casino not only keeps up with this information, but they also share it with players. For the month of July, they have announced the top three most popular games. The Irish-themed video slot Plenty O' Riches was the most-played game in the entire month. This is a 20-payline video slot that uses five reels. This game is probably so popular because of the many features that it offers and the exciting gameplay it has. Video slots are the most popular games out there, so it's no surprise that one was the top game for the month for Winner Casino.

The second and third place games were roulette and blackjack, respectively. There are a ton of roulette games at Winner Casino like European, French, American, Mini, 3D and others. This wide selection of variations gives players the chance to play games that are customized to what they want, and that's always a recipe for being popular. Blackjack is in a similar situation since there are several different types of blackjack available. The slight rule differences in blackjack games drastically change up what the correct strategies are, and this is something that strategic players absolutely love because it keeps them on their toes.

Winner Casino has a lot of games to choose from, so players really get to pick what suits them the best. This data is very important, especially to online casino software developers who have to come up with new ideas for games. However, it's also important for online casinos since they have to use this data to come up with promotions and bonuses that benefit the most players. With these three popular games, we're seeing that there are still a lot of people playing different types of games even though video slots are the most popular.