Win Your Dream Sports Car at Royal Vegas Casino

February 23, 2015


A hot promotion is going on right now that will give you a shot to win a sports car. The way this works is that you'll have a world map in the Royal Vegas Casino software, and you'll find ten cities on that map. Each city has to be unlocked by completing a specific challenge. Each city you unlock gives you a ticket in a final drawing, but they also give you your own rewards. Check out each of these ten amazing cities and what you can win by unlocking them.

In Lisbon, Portugal, you're going to need to earn 100 rewards points to be given a bonus of 500 rewards points added to your balance. Barcelona, Spain requires 250 points to clear, and your reward is an extra 1,000 points. Paris, France is the next stop and requires 450 points to get a 1,500-point reward, and for Rome, Italy, you'll need to pick up 1,000 points to earn your 2,000-point reward. Athens, Greece is your next stop, and players who earn 2,500 rewards points here will be given five casino credits. Hit up Berlin, Germany with 6,000 points for a prize of 3,000 extra rewards points.

On the final stretch, you'll find Warsaw, Poland with its 10,000-point requirement that will give you an extra 4,000 in rewards points. There's also Amsterdam, Holland which requires 18,000 points to pick up a 20-credit bonus, and Calgary, Canada needs 30,000 points to pick up a 30-credit bonus as well. Then you're going to kick it across the world to your final stop in Sydney, Australia. Get 50,000 rewards points here, and a 75-credit bonus will be added to your account. You can clear these challenges until March 10, and you'll earn a ticket for each city you clear into the final drawing for a hot sports car.

Royal Vegas Casino is one of the best out there, and their promotional setup is a big reason for that. They essentially have two types of promotions available. The first type is the standard bonus setup that gives you extra casino credits to help you to boost your chances of hitting big jackpots. The second type consist of real-world prizes like having a shot at this sports car prize, and that's one of the things that really sets them apart from the competition.