Warm Things Up With the February Hot Seat at Omni Casino

February 26, 2014


Different promotions come along every so often at online casinos, and most of the time, players want a variety of different options to choose from. However, sometimes a promotion comes along that's so good that players want to see it over and over again. When this happens, it makes sense to give the players what they want because promotions of this magnitude don't happen all that often. One such promotion is about to wrap up for the month of February at Omni Casino, but you still have time to cash in with it.

The Hot Seat promotion at Omni Casino has been regularly voted the most popular promotion that they have ever ran, and that's why it's been back once again for the month of February. During the entire month, you'll get a chance to earn Hot Seat Points each day. If you earn at least five Hot Seat Points through your real money play, no matter what games you play other than video poker, then you'll be guaranteed a prize. It works a lot like a leaderboard competition except you're not competing against other players for the prizes.

Here are how the prizes work in the Hot Seat promotion. If you earn five or six points, then you get a $15 prize. Earning between seven and 11 points will get you a $40 prize, and making it between 12 and 17 Hot Seat Points will earn a prize worth $105. Players who get somewhere between 18 and 22 Hot Seat Points will be awarded a $215 payout, or you can get $330 by earning anywhere from 23 to 27 points. Players who earn 28 or more points will get the top jackpot prize worth $500. Sometimes Omni Casino will allow you to earn double points in a day, and you earn a point by wagering at least $1,250 in a calendar day.

You have to be careful when you're an online casino when it comes to giving players things that they say they want. Sometimes they get it and complain anyway. Omni Casino has done a very good job making sure that nobody has any valid complaints about the Hot Seat promotion. It's such a ridiculously strong promotion that guarantees players prizes worth up to $500 for playing the games that they were going to play anyway, so it's hard to find something to complain about.