Twisted Circus Added to Microgaming's HTML5 Platform

February 24, 2014


The mobile casino sector of the online gambling world is extremely important right now. Not only is it growing faster than any other sector of the market, but it's also going through the middle of some growing pains that are drastically upping the stakes involved. While some sites are still lacking a mobile site completely, others are worried about the type of software platform that they are building for the future. This is at the core of the debate between HTML5 and Macromedia Flash in terms of which will be used for mobile casinos now and in the future.

A recent announcement by Microgaming shows the direction that they are going in. The popular Twisted Circus video slot has been added to the HTML5 mobile platform in a move that clearly shows how invested Microgaming is in that particular version of their mobile software. This game uses the 243-ways format, and it includes a bonus feature with 3x multipliers across 13 free turns. It's a pretty crazy game that has gotten a lot of attention for being a bit different, and it's one of the titles that Microgaming is the most known for in recent times.

One of the things that really stands out about this game and other additions to Microgaming's HTML5 platform is that it shows the clear direction that Microgaming is taking for the future. They firmly believe that HTML5 is going to beat out Macromedia Flash over the long term, so they are porting over their most popular games ahead of time. This requires time, money and resources, so it has to be something that they are fairly confident about for it to get this much attention. This is why it's so important and why it will set the tone for what happens in this industry over the next few years.

Microgaming is always ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with technological advances that are critical to the online gambling world. They were the first casino software provider, and they have stayed at the top of the pack since then. The amount of resources they are putting into their HTML5 product is a great example of how this works for them, and they are always pushing on things like this. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next several years, but it's certain that Microgaming will have an advantage.