Thunderstruck II Added to All Platforms Including HTML5

November 6, 2013


Thunderstruck was the most popular video slot of all time for quite a while, and it was Microgaming's most prized title in their portfolio. Thunderstruck II added onto the original with a little bit of a different format but with the same cool concept that made the original so popular. Both of these titles have been extremely popular since they were released, so some recent news by Microgaming is particularly important for players who are fans. Check out what Microgaming has announced about these two awesome, history-making video slot games.

Thunderstruck II has been added to the HTML5 platform for Microgaming-powered online casinos. What this means is that it's now available on every single platform that Microgaming has available. Putting really popular games on multiple platforms makes it easier for players to access them, and it only adds to their popularity over the long run. While this game has been available on the normal mobile platform since earlier this year, adding it to the HTML5 platform makes it available to many players who were playing on devices that don't work as well with Microgaming's regular mobile software. HTML5 is the platform of the future, and it's something that Microgaming has been going after aggressively over the past couple of years.

Microgaming Head of Product Channels Neill Whyte said, "Thunderstruck II is one of our most successful games and we are delighted that players can experience the world-renowned slot on any platform and desired choice of device. We recognise the important of developing games with cross-platform capability; our achievement with Thunderstruck II signifies the start of things to come." A lot of games have been ported over to other platforms, including HTML5, but with Thunderstruck II, there's a lot more weight behind it.

When you play with Microgaming, you're playing with one of the most popular and most successful software companies in the history of the online gambling industry. They are behind many of the top online casinos running right now, many of which have been going for a decade or more. This shows that they have some real staying power in the industry, so it makes sense that they would be preparing so much for the future of it. They believe the future is in the HTML5 platform and the mobile market, and that's why they are being so aggressive with gearing their growth towards that market.