The Most Popular Casino Promotion Returns for September

August 27, 2014


There was a big vote a while back on what the most popular promotions were at Playtech-powered online casinos, and the Hot Seat promotion is the one that won the vote. It didn't just win by a small margin. Instead, it won by more than 10 percentage points out of a field of more than five options. This is a promotion that happens at Omni Casino, and they are running it again for the month of September. Unlike many promotions, this one isn't up after just a few days, and you can get extra money added to your bankroll just for playing your favorite games like you normally would.

Here's how the Hot Seat promotion works. During the month of September, you're going to be trying to earn Hot Seat points. You earn a point by wagering at least $1,250 in a calendar day, and you can only earn a single point each day. Your total number of points at the end of the month of September will determine what kind of reward you get as a result of this promotion. All games count for this other than video poker as long as you don't use competing wagers in games like roulette or Baccarat.

So here is a list of all the prizes you can win. Remember that none of these have wagering requirements. If you get between five and six points, you'll earn a fun $15 reward. It gets bumped up to $40 for earning between seven and 11 points, and you can make it $105 for putting together anywhere from 12 to 17 Hot Seat points. Players who earn at least 18 points will earn $215, but breaking 23 points will get you $330. Finally, if you earn 28 points or more during this promotion, you will be given a whooping $500 added directly to your account.

The Hot Seat promotion is a really big deal, and this September you're going to have more reasons than ever to get in on the action at Omni Casino. They use the Playtech software, so you'll have an excellent selection of games to choose from, and this includes pokies, video poker, blackjack, table games and classic casino titles. Overall, this is a great deal that everyone can cash in on with just about any type of game, and it's a great way to get paid for playing what you'd be playing anyway.