The Medals Challenge At Jackpot Factory Online Casinos

August 10, 2016


The Casino Challenge 2016 promotion has been running at the online casinos of the Jackpot Factory group since July 31. Many players have already won bronze, silver and gold medals. The second of the three events is currently in progress and will end on August 14. If you are participating and have won a medal, then press on to win the higher ranking one. If you have not yet entered the challenge it is never too late to do so. Maybe you will not win a gold medal in this event but a bronze and silver are within your grasp. The final round will run from August 14 to August 21. The highly recommended online casinos of the Jackpot Factory group are All Slots and All Jackpots.

There is nothing special that you need to do to participate in the Casino Challenge 2016 online promotion. You wager as usual at your favourite Jackpot Factory online casino and earn as many loyalty points as you can. Each loyalty point will be converted into a Medal Point for the purposes of this promotion. You will have to opt in for each round of the online promotion because you will start earning Medal Points only after that. Once you accumulate the specified number of Medal Points, you will be awarded a bronze medal. You have the option of redeeming the bronze medal in which case you will be given the corresponding prize and your Medal Points will be reset. Then you start from scratch in your quest for the silver medal. Or you can forgo the bronze medal, retain your Medal Points and race for the silver medal directly.

The Casino Challenge 2016 awards different prizes that will be known to you when you have earned enough Medal Points to win a medal. For online pokies players the free spins prizes are most desirable. The free spins will be awarded on one or more of the most popular pokies at the Jackpot Factory online casinos. You may also win free bonuses for which you will not be required to make any deposit. The bonuses will be subject to the usual wagering requirements. The third type of prize in this online promotion is the loyalty multiplier. All the loyalty points that you can earn within 24 hours will be enhanced by the multiplier and credited to your account.

The online casinos of the Jackpot Factory group are powered by Microgaming and are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.