The Love & Money III Slot Tournament Comes to Omni Casino

February 12, 2014


Valentine's Day is coming in just a couple of days, and Omni Casino is celebrating with a big slots tournament that's going to last for the last two weeks of the month. Starting on February 14 and running through February 28, players will have a chance to cash in with over $13,500 in prizes that are up for grabs. Like all of Omni Casino's tournaments, there are three different levels of betting so that low stakes players don't have to compete with the deep pockets that high rollers have available.

The most basic part of the tournament works as follows. Each time that you make a qualifying spin, you get a spin point for the tournament. The number of spin points that you earn will place you on a leaderboard that will be updated each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the event. There are a few ways to win extra prizes, but the main prizes will be based on who scores the highest on the leaderboad by the end of the two-week tournament. You'll be broken up into three groups based on bet size, and three different leaderboards are going to be created based on these groups.

Each time the leaderboards are updated, there will be special heart positions determined with those updates, and players who are in those positions will be awarded extra $50 prizes. If you earn at least 120,000 spin points during the tournament, then you get a guaranteed $250 prize added to anything else you win. If you break 140,000 points, then that increases to a $500 reward. Your spins have to be worth at least $0.45 to qualify, and you can only play games that have between 15 and 40 paylines to qualify for spin points.

Omni Casino has slots tournaments on a regular basis, and everything is set up to help as many players win as possible. This is achieved in two major ways. First, you're able to win special prizes for being in different places even if you don't win at the very end of the tournament. Second, there are three different leaderboards so that you'll only be competing against players that have the same bet sizes as you. These leaderboards are based on the average size of your bets over the two-week period so you'll only be up against players who play inside of the same range of bets that you do.