The Casino Heist Comes to Platinum Play Casino

April 1, 2015


There are a ton of movies out there about big casino heists, and they're such a juicy target for a huge robbery like this because they have so much money available at any given time. What's more is that this money isn't fresh and clean like it would be in a lot of cases if it was stolen from a bank, so there's more of a criminal lure there since it would be easier to spend the stolen funds. During the month of April, you can take advantage of a cool promotion to get your own loot from your online casino play.

Platinum Play Casino is offering a cool Casino Heist promotion this month. From April 1 through April 30, you'll be able to earn rewards points that push you forward through several different parts of the heist and several different types of prizes. During the first week, you'll get in on the action with the Cash Tank, and this will give you guaranteed credit rewards. Week two is the Blow the Vault week, and it will also give you casino credits for playing your favorite games. Week three is Cash Piles for extra rewards points that will be automatically added to your account, and you can earn more guaranteed credits during the fourth week for the Cash Tank.

These four weeks all have a point-based goal that you'll need to meet, and you can meet these goals by earning rewards points on any of their real money online casino games. If you complete all four challenges, then you'll get an additional 30,000 rewards points added to your account as a special prize. The way you clear a week is to achieve the required number of points on four different days and to make a deposit on at least one of those days, so it's quick and easy to get in on the action with this promotion.

Platinum Play Casino is all about giving players what they need to succeed, and since everyone wants a bigger bankroll to give them better chances of nailing a big jackpot, it's easy to see that casino credits and rewards points are great options. The Casino Heist promotion for April is just another example of how this online casino gives players a ton of value. Come take your shot at the Casino Heist before it expires at the end of April.