The Beginner's Booster at Mansion Casino Could Get You $1,000

August 13, 2014


New players are always given different types of promotions at different online casino sites, but often these deals don't turn directly into cash. Deposit bonuses and things like that are great since they increase your chances of winning, but they often have large wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions that make it hard to translate them directly into cash. Mansion Casino understands these concerns, and they have decided to put on a great promotion where you can get some serious depth added to your bankroll all at one time without having to deal with any percent matches or other headaches.

This promotion is called the Beginner's Booster, and here's how it works. In this prize drawing, the top prize is $1,000 in cash, but there are other special bonuses available as well. This is on top of your initial welcome bonus, so it's all gravy. What you need to do is be a new player who deposits at least $50 total during a calendar month. You sign up for the drawing on the Mansion Casino website, and at the end of the month, you'll find out who the big winners were.

You have to opt-in if you want to be able to take advantage of this drawing, and there are a ton of prizes available. The grand prize each month is $1,000 cash, but there are other prizes down to the $10 level. For every $50 you deposit total during the calendar month, you're going to get an entry into the drawing. This means that you can get two tickets for $100 in deposits, three tickets for $150 in deposits, etc. You have up to a month to earn tickets after your initial deposit, so you have plenty of time to get in on the action.

In operation since 2004, Mansion Casino has shown the world that they have what it takes to be popular and stay popular. With the Playtech software that they use, they have tons of games available, and they have frequent promotions as well. This Beginner's Booster drawing is designed to give new players even more value than usual by offering up $1,000 to a first place winner and plenty of other prizes as well. This just goes to show that Mansion Casino cares a lot about their players, and that's something no one can really argue with.