The Bankroll-Boosting Cabaret Club Loyalty Program is So Necessary

July 23, 2014


If you're an online casino fan, then there are two things that you are concerned with that go hand-in-hand. First off, you want to make sure that you get the best deals possible so that your bankroll stays as stacked as it can. Second, you want to make sure that you get the best chances to win and take down big payouts. These two things go together because your chances of winning are better when you have a bigger bankroll, and the smart players know that they need a plan that takes both of these factors into account.

The smart money is on getting value for all of your bets, and that means the smart money is on the Cabaret Club loyalty program. It's so necessary for any serious player because of how you're given value. There are six different levels in this loyalty program, and you can get into the different levels by earning club points. You'll earn a club point for every €10 that you wager, and you'll be given at least €10 in casino credits for every 1,000 points that you earn.

This can seem like a much smaller deal than it really is if you don't pay attention to what's being said. You're earning points for your wagers, not for your losses. If you're playing a game with a small house advantage, your total wagers could be 30 or more times the size of your actual losses on average, so you're getting a ton of value here. This is basically the same thing as getting cashback, and it gets bigger and bigger the more that you play. What's more is that you get to start with 500 points when you sign up, so you already have a headstart on the game.

As you move up through the levels, you'll get bigger perks. You'll earn bonus points at a rate of 10 percent when you get to the silver level, 20 percent at gold, 40 percent at platinum, 50 percent at diamond and 60 percent at Prive. You'll also get special bonuses that range from €500 to €10,000 each month for being a part of their loyalty program, and you'll also get access to special casino tournaments. Overall, being in the Cabaret Club loyalty program is a great way to make sure that you maximize the size of your bankroll and increase your chances of winning in the process.