Sit on the Hot Seat With Omni Casino's Latest Promotion

January 17, 2013


There are tons of promotions available each month by different online casinos. With casino bonuses, players are required to put up some of their own money, and the casino will match it with a percentage. With other promotions, players are often required to earn points to get bonuses and prizes on leaderboards. Most of the time, this type of promotion does not guarantee that a player wins. Instead, players are given a chance to win based on their performances.

With the Omni Casino Hot Seat promotion, this dynamic is completely turned on its head. Players will have a chance to win guaranteed prizes based on earning Hot Seat points during the month of January. Players can earn one Hot Seat point each day during the month by wagering a total of at least $1,250 total. At the end of the month, players will be given cash prizes based on how many Hot Seat points they have earned. The more you play, the more money you will earn.

Players who play between five and six days where they earn Hot Seat points will get the Chilly prize of $15. Earning between seven and 11 Hot Seat points will get a player $40 in this promotion. Prizes of $105 will be given to players who earn between 12 and 17 points for the Warmer level, and the Toasty level will give prizes of $215 to players who get between 18 and 22 points. Earning 23 to 27 points will put you on the Hot level with prizes worth $330. The highest level is the Jackpot Hot level, and being on this level will award players with $500 for earning 28 or more Hot Seat points.

To earn a Hot Seat point, players must wager a total of at least $1,250 on a calendar day. A maximum of one point can be earned each day. Wagers on video poker and "low risk" bets will not count for this promotion. For example, competing bets on games like roulette are not allowed. Prizes from the Hot Seat promotion will be awarded to players on February 4, and there are no wagering requirements on these prizes. Omni Casino is well-known in the online casino industry for giving players awesome promotions worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, and this is just another example of that in action.