Playtech Moves Shay Segev Into A New Top Spot

June 2, 2014


Once known as one of the two most popular online casino software providers in the world, Playtech hasn't made too many waves over the past year or so, and some experts are wondering if they are at risk of losing one of the top spots among casino software developers. It's well-known that they have been focusing a lot of their efforts on their other online gambling products over the past 18 months, and that's one of the reasons it's seemed like they haven't been doing much with their casino offering.

Still, the casino portion of their financial results has been pretty strong lately, and that shows that they aren't really losing ground so much as they are just avoiding breaking any new ground. Recently, a key figure for Playtech was given a big top spot, and that could free up resources to get them back focused on their online casino product. Shay Segev, known for once owning a large portion of Playtech, has been given a key position as CEO of Playtech's retail operations. With this side of the business under the control of proven effective leadership, it signals that they might be ready to focus other people on pushing forward with their online casino product.

Segev himself had a statement: "I am delighted to lead Playtech’s Retail arm through its next strategic phase of combining our retail and online offering. The forthcoming years promise to be of great strategic and operational importance, as we embark on many initiatives to create a full turnkey solution that will allow retail businesses to transition into the digital world. Through our technology and the acquisition of Intelligent Gaming, we will enable our clients to enjoy a single ecosystem that will help them to maximise business performance across their entire offering."

Playtech is known as being Microgaming's main rival for the top spot in the online casino software developer arena. In the past year or two, they haven't been pushing very hard in terms of new releases or innovative features, and this has led some other companies to inch closer to towards trying to claim one of the top spots. Only time will tell if Segev's appointment to his new post will help Playtech to get back to pushing towards being the best online casino software provider around. Until then, it will be interesting to see how his new position affects business.