Playtech Launches Games Tab Cross-Platform Solution

August 7, 2013


There are several different online casino software developers, and in most cases, a casino operator chooses one of them to do business with. However, that model is starting to fade as a number of casino operators have figured out that they can do better business if they work with multiple software vendors. In light of this, many casino software companies have started developing products that allow their games to be easily integrated into other software platforms. This makes it easier for operators to use games from multiple developers, and it also helps to prepare them for the future where it seems that more operators will be looking to serve up games from multiple development houses.

Playtech has been taking a turn towards this cross-platform approach, and they recently launched their Games Tab cross-platform solution. Ladbrokes will be the first site to use this cross-platform technology with what will be called the "Vegas" portion of their website. One of the biggest things that this will do right away is allow Ladbrokes to serve up about 70 games from Playtech's porfolio. However, they will be able to quickly and easily bring in other Playtech games with their special turn-key solution that makes life pretty easy on the people managing the Ladbrokes casino software.

Playtech COO Shay Segev released a statement that said, "We are very happy to commence the mitigation of Ladbrokes and offer it the Games Tab. The unique capabilities of the Tab that are backed by Playtech's IMS solution offer our operators benefits that are second to none. Not only can operators see the entire player experience across all platforms and games, they can also use consumer behaviour analytics to maximise player value. This definitely indicates the future of online gaming."

In operation since 1999, Playtech is currently considered either the number one or number two online casino software developer depending on who you ask. They have hundreds of excellent games that have kept players interested in loyal for years, and they are also listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). With the Games Tab solution, you can expect Playtech games to start popping up at more online casinos than ever. This is a very exciting development, and we're sure to see more casino software companies going for the cross-platform route than ever before after Playtech has made this massive step that is sure to set a precedent.