Platinum Play Casino Pushes for Pokies Tournaments

September 3, 2014


Something you need to know about the online pokies world is that there are two major revolutions going on right now that are slowly shaping the game to be different than before. The first is a push towards mobile because of the wider availability of smartphones and fast Internet speeds on mobile devices. The second is a push towards tournaments, and the reason for that is that it allows a wider range of players to come together to compete for cash and prizes. It adds more of a community element to the game, and that's something that online casinos have been looking to add for a long time.

When you see this big push for tournament events, a lot of Platinum Play Casino's recent releases make more sense. They have been coming out with new tournament-specific pokies for quite a while at a rate of at least once each month for the past year and some change, and this has given them a lot of options when it comes to putting on tournament events. Keep in mind that these are on top of the other frequent additions that they have, and you'll come to realize that they are churning out a lot of new titles on a pretty regular basis.

These tournament pokies have a few key features that make them perfect for the occasion. The first feature is that they have multi-player and chat options that allow you to interact with other players more than you would be before, and that adds a whole new social layer to the pokies that you don't normally get. On top of that, they are designed for the tournament format, so it automatically keeps up with how many tournament chips you have left and how many points you have earned for the leaderboards.

Platinum Play Casino puts on a lot of regular tournaments using these titles, and they often have prize pools in the six-figure range. These are some of the biggest casino tournaments that you can find anywhere in the industry, so they're really no joke. Overall, players who stick to table games and who are too competitive to normally play pokies can get in on the action with these tournament events and enjoy the same games as typical slots players while enjoying the social additions to the environment, and that's one of the things that makes these games so much fun.