Omni Casino Brings the Fall Into Cash Pokies Tournament

September 8, 2014


Pokies tournaments are one of the big things right now as far as Australian online gaming is concerned, and Omni Casino knows how to bring them in a major way. With the Fall Into Cash tournament that's coming later in September, you're going to have a chance to win a piece of a prize pool worth over AU$17,000. This means that tons of value will be available for the people who place well in this leaderboard-style event, and you can get paid for playing a lot of your favorite games as long as you stay within the guidelines of the tournament.

Here's how the Fall Into Cash tournament works. There are three groups of players based on your average bet size during the tournament, and you will play for one of three leaderboards depending on which group you fall in. Qualifying spins will earn a single point for the leaderboard you're on, and you'll have a chance to earn as many points as you can during this event. For a spin to qualify, it needs to be worth at least $0.45 total, and it has to be on a game with between 15 and 50 paylines. You place on the leaderboards with these points, and if you're one of the top places, then you'll be paid prizes.

There are two ways to get extra payouts with this event. Special $50 Leaf Prizes are available for players who land on specific spots with each update of the leaderboard. Also, if you score at least 115,000 points, you'll be given an automatic $275 prize that jumps to a whooping $600 if you break the 140,000 points level. This even runs from September 15 through September 30, so make sure that you plan your play to get as much value as you can from this two-week period of tournament fun.

The tournament scene has really exploded in the online pokies world, and you can see that now as a lot of software companies and online casinos are pushing towards more tournament events. Omni Casino is known for putting on a lot of tournaments on a regular basis, and they always have big prize pools with lots of ways for players to get paid. With their three-leaderboard approach, you have a fair chance to land on the boards without having to compete against people with a lot more money than you.