New Study Profiles Australian Online Gamblers

January 5, 2015


One of the issues with playing in an online casino is that sometimes people will look at you sideways for doing it. There's this public perception in a lot of areas of the world that gambling on the Internet is the sign of some kind of degenerate underclass or something, and it can be hard to convince people otherwise. A recent study by H2 Gambling Capital could help to change those perceptions to be more in line with reality after a number of important findings were illustrated in a special report that they released including a lot of the things that they found with this study.

Let's start with one of their most interesting findings: If you're an online gambler, then you're going to be more likely to hold a degree from a university than someone who does not gamble online. That by itself is a huge blow to the public perception that people who gamble online are somehow worse off in terms of demographics than people who don't. However, it gets more interesting from there as they are also more likely to hold full-time employment. So much for the idea that people who like to play in online casinos aren't productive members of society.

The average income for the average online gambler is in the six figure range most likely, and it was listed as being between AU$90,000 and AU$119,000 in the H2 Gambling Capital report. Most people who play online are younger than the crowd that goes into land-based establishments, but about two-thirds of them said that the reason they play online is because of its convenience and how comfortable you can be while you play. The second most popular reason for playing online was extra betting options and better odds.

With online gambling looking to expand and become more regulated, there are going to be tons of opponents to the expansion of this industry. This report on the study by H2 Gambling Capital shows that a lot of the talking points used by the opponents of online gambling expansion are misguided and/or completely untrue. Not that it surprises anyone that politicians would say things that aren't true, but now people have the ammunition they need to combat these talking points. If this report will actually be used for this purpose is yet to be seen, but it's still good to know the things that this study discovered.