New Dice Game at Joe Fortune Casino

December 29, 2017


Joe Fortune online casino has a new game called Roll the Dice. It is an extremely simple game that has a bit of a history to it.

Roll the Dice is based on an ancient Chinese dice game called Hoo Hey How. These three words are the Hokkien names of fish (Hoo), prawn (Hey) and king crab (How). Therefore the game is also known as Fish Prawn Crab. The game screen consists of seven betting sections. Six of them are fish, prawn, crab, coin, rooster and calabash. A triple dice is shown on the larger central area in the top row. This is the Any Triple bet area. The other plying tool consists of a set of three dice that are rolled virtually. Each die has the six icons on the six faces.

The game begins by selecting the coin size. The options are AU$1, AU$5, AU$25, AU$100 and AU$500. You then click the square that you want to bet on. You can bet any amount between AU$1 and AUS500 by successively choosing different coin sizes. You can also bet on more than one square, but this may not be a smart idea. After placing the bet you click the Play button. Three dice get covered by a bowl. You then click the Roll button to shake the dice and display the randomly determined icons on the top faces.

The payouts are independently determined as follows for each of the bets, except Any Triple. A wager on an icon that does not appear on any of the dice loses. If the icon appears face up on only one die the wager pays 1 to 1. If the icon appears on two dice the wager pays 2 to 1. If the icon appears on all three dice the wager pays 3 to 1. For the more discerning Australian online casino players, this payout system results in a house edge of 7.9%, which is a bit more than in most online pokies. The Any Triple bet wins if all three dice have the same icon face up after the roll. It does not matter which of the six icons results in triples. The wager pays 30 to 1, with a 13.9% house edge.

There are some other buttons that you should become familiar with. The Undo button undoes the last bet. The Clear button clears all bets. The Re-bet button repeats the last bet. The Menu gives access to deposit funds, pay table, rules, sound and music.