Mystery Bonuses and Free Cash Giveaways at Omni Casino

March 24, 2014


Your bankroll is probably the most important component to the overall online casino experience. Without a sufficient one, you can't get in on the games you want for very long. Managing your money correctly is pretty critical no matter what games you play, and one of the best things that you can do for your bankroll is to add to it with valuable promotions. Omni Casino has two different ways for you to get paid on two different days this week, and they let you know about these offers in advance so that you can prepare to maximize the value that you get from them.

On Wednesday, March 26, you'll be given a shot at some free money just for playing your favorite slots. To qualify for this promotion, you'll need to get 1,000 qualifying spins. For a spin to qualify, it needs to be worth at least $0.75 and have between 15 and 50 paylines (inclusive). If you meet this requirement, then you'll be guaranteed a prize of at least $10. With their special drawing for this offer, your prize could be worth as much as $100. If you'r egoing to be playing Wednesday, then this is an offer that you don't want to miss.

The following day on Thursday, March 27, there's a pretty good bonus offer available. This offer is a mystery because you don't know what percentage you're going to get, but it's worth somewhere between 50 percent and 125 percent. You'll be able to claim this offer on your first deposit of the day as long as it's worth at least $30, and the maximum bonus that you can get from this deal is $150. There's a 25x play-through requirement on this offer, and you'll need to stick to Asian games, slots, keno, and non-progressive scratch cards before you clear it.

Omni Casino understands things from the player's point of view, and they want to help you to get as much value as you can so that your bankroll will last as long as possible. They also realize that it can be a pain for players to know that they offer tons of different games and to only offer promotions for a select few of them, so they offer deals for a wide range of titles. Cash in on this week's offers before they expire because each of them only lasts for 24 hours.