September 20, 2018

Before the 2018/19 season of the English Premier League started in August, the English Football Association saw a load of criticism regarding the number of gambling sponsors that were official kit sponsors this year. Now, as organisations throughout Britain (including the NHS) begin to recognise problem gambling as a public health issue, critics have made themselves heard again.


Currently, a total of nine Premier League teams are sponsored by some gambling-related service, ranging from sports betting sites to online casinos. Some notable names include Betway, ManBetX, Fun88 and Dafabet. Critics have stated that eight of nine these companies have done little to nothing to help reduce the amount of gambling-related harm incurred on communities, either through donations or public awareness events.

English Premier League Gambling Sponsorship Deals Record Breaking

Part of the reason advocacy groups have called out EPL gambling sponsors is related to the overall amount they pay in these endorsement deals. It is estimated that AU$573.3 million has been earnt by Premier League teams this season. It is estimated that at least AU$93.55 million of this number comes from gambling sponsors alone.

Critics have gone on further to state that allowing gambling organisations to sponsor EPL teams acts in further normalising the act of gambling among vulnerable individuals, such as children.

UK Gambling Commission Insists Gambling Harm Huge Public Health Issue

Following the publication of a controversial study earlier this year, the UK Gambling Commission has been campaigning to get gambling harm recognised as a public health issue in the territory. The group states that while many authorities often seem to look over the negative community impacts of excessive gambling, it is a real public health issue that needs to be properly addressed.

In Australia, similar groups across the country have echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that more needs to be done to reduce problem gambling harm in communities. At this present moment, the Northern Territory Government has even commissioned a study to investigate this very issue.

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