Microgaming's Quickfire Platform Gains Titles From BetDigital

November 3, 2014


In the online casino world, there are two main types of software platforms. The first is a "pure" platform that comes only from games that are made by a single developer, and the second is a "mixed" platform that provides a way for different software providers to offer games together as a whole. Microgaming offers both types of platforms, and their mixed platform is called Quickfire. A new addition to the Quickfire platform is really turning a lot of heads, and it just goes to show that Microgaming takes every part of the software industry seriously.

Betdigital is a software company that's been around in the online gambling world since 2011, and they've put out a lot of popular titles in both the online and land-based arenas. A recent deal with Microgaming is going to have many of their titles added to the Quickfire platform. These games will include Superpots Bar-X, Fantastic Fruits and Caesars Palace which have all made names for themselves. These games will be presented in HTML5 and Flash-based platforms, and this means that they will be available to a huge range of players by the end of the year.

Heath Samples is the CEO of Betdigital. He's obviously thrilled with this deal, and he had the following to say about it: "Adding our content to the Quickfire platform will significantly strengthen our position in the marketplace. It enables us to work with Quickfire's vast customer base and deliver our content to an entirely new audience. At Betdigital, we want to work with the best – that's why we chose Quickfire." This is a good deal for both parties because the Quickfire platform is so popular because it picks up deals with the best up-and-coming software developers out there, and Betdigital is no exception.

The very first casino software package was built by Microgaming back in the mid-to-late 1990s, and they have been dominating the online casino world since. Several of the top sites in the world are built on Microgaming's software, and it goes without saying that they are still the most popular type of software used in the game today. Strategic partnerships with companies like Betdigital are one reason why they have stayed in their top spot, but it's worth noting that they are still producing great, award-winning games this year themselves, so don't think that Microgaming will be slowing down any time soon.