Microgaming's Poker Network Sees Major Changes

December 19, 2012


The online poker world has been on quite a ride over the past decade. After a major boom lasting between 2003 and 2007, online poker has been on a bit of a decline over the past five years. Several scandals have broken out for some of the most popular online poker sites in the world, and the industry as a whole has not seen the type of growth that is required for an online gambling niche to really boom. Microgaming has taken note of the changes in this particular industry, and they have made several new changes to their poker network to improve their services to players in the future.

With these changes, the Microgaming Poker Network will be known as MPN from now on. The change in name is a part of a two-year campaign that has led up to a massive number of changes that include a completely re-designed lobby area of the poker room. There is also a new client that runs on Macromedia Flash. However, like Microgaming has been doing in the online casino sector, there is also a new HTML5 client for players to use.

A number of new additions have also been added to the games line-up. Taking a hint from the success of Bovada's anonymous poker tables, there are anonymous tables available at MPN. These tables help to reward players who play fewer tables since you can't rely on poker tracking database software and heads-up displays to help you make decisions. These are additions to the line-up of excellent poker games at MPN including no-limit hold'em, fixed-limit hold'em, cash games, tournament, pot-limit Omaha and more. There are tournament, cash game and sit-and-go variations of every popular poker style, and there are thousands of players ready to play 24/7/365.

Microgaming has been one of the top two or three online casino software companies in the world for over a decade. They offer online casino games, online poker games and more. Many of the sites that use Microgaming's software are some of the most successful in the industry like BetVictor, 32Red and others. MPN is currently ranked around tenth for cash game online poker traffic depending on the ranking site used, and this is no small task considering that poker is not even Microgaming's primary focus. These great changes to the MPN network and software may kick that ranking up a notch.