Microgaming Wins Major Global Gaming Award

October 1, 2014


In the online casino world, the industry has to regulate itself in a lot of ways. The reason for this is that there are no international standards on what's considered okay in terms of business practices since there are so many different countries with so many different sets of rules. While independent auditing firms are one way to go about it, there are also awards ceremonies that reward the top names in each major category. The major awards have the most credibility, so when one site or software company wins a major category for one of these sets of awards, it's a pretty big deal.

This is exactly what Microgaming has done in the most recent set of the Global Gaming Awards. In the 2014 edition, they were able to take down top honors for the Digital Product of the Year. This is an extremely big deal because it's all about their most recent games. Terminator 2 received the most attention with its innovative feature set and other aspects of the game. With the paradigm shift in the pokies industry being what it is, it's really amazing for Microgaming to beat out nine other major competitors in this particular category.

A few years ago, we started to see a major change in the industry. Software companies like Microgaming who had dominated based on having more games than anyone else were suddenly thrown into the deep end, so to speak, after other companies started focusing more on the quality of games instead of the quantity. Microgaming was forced to adjust how they make games, and the end result is coming out on top once again thanks to major titles like Terminator 2, Avalon 2 and other instant classics that have been released so far this year.

Since the beginnings of the online casino industry in the mid-1990s, Microgaming has been on top of the game. They were the first software company in the business, and they have stayed on top since then. They've recently added the Digital Product of the Year award to a vast list of prizes they have won for their efforts, and this is no surprise considering how good they are at innovating and staying on top of all of the current trends when it comes to online casinos. Overall, it's looking like it will be a long time before anyone dethrones Microgaming as the king of online casino software.