Microgaming Has a Lot in Store for 2014

January 8, 2014


There's a shift coming in the online casino world when it comes to the types of games that are produced. With Microgaming, for example, they already have hundreds of titles under their belt, and no one can touch them when it comes to the pure numbers of game selection. In order to get any better in the game selection department, they are having to take a step back from trying to produce so many games each year and instead focus more on the quality of those games and on giving players something new and interesting to try.

You can see this shift in the Lucky Koi video slot that they released just a few days ago. On the surface, this looks like a pretty standard video slot with an Asian theme. It has 25 paylines, five reels and three symbols on each reel. However, that's where the similarities with other online slots pretty much end. Lucky Koi's graphics and design don't seem like a lot of Microgaming titles in that they have more attention to detail. This helps to create an excellent gaming experience overall, and that's why they believe that people will come back to Lucky Koi over and over again.

Another shift that's happening at the same time is that Microgaming and other casino software companies are putting more effort into mobile gaming than they have in the past. While they obviously have a great software client with an above-average game selection when it comes to their mobile options, they realize that the enormous growth in the mobile sector signals that mobile is the future of the industry. This is why they have been pushing to create new mobile titles all while porting popular titles that they have had around for years to the mobile platforms with Flash and HTML5.

Speaking of HTML5, Microgaming is probably the most HTML5-friendly software provider in the online casino industry right now. The advantages of HTML5 over Flash are numerous, and while it takes resources to get games moved over to the HTML5 platform, they realize that this is an investment of time and money that will be well worth it. Inside of the next five years, it's likely that almost all mobile play will be using HTML5 software, and that's why Microgaming is trying to get ahead of the pack. With all of these changes coming, Microgaming is making sure that they have everything planned for and under control.