May Accumulator Tournament Running at Crazy Vegas Casino

May 4, 2015


Pokies are known for being the most popular type of online casino game in Australia, but a lot of players dislike how there's not as much of a competitive element in this type of game as others. One of the solutions to this is a tournament format where players are competing against each other instead of going up against the house, and this allows players to put their luck and skill to the test against other players to see how they stack up. This allows pokies fans to get in a lot of play with a set entry fee, but it also puts competitive players in a position to scratch that particular itch.

At Crazy Vegas Casino during the month of May, you're going to be able to get in on the action with the month-long Accumulator tournament format. The way this tournament works is that you start with a AU$500 guaranteed prize pool. Once the prize pool breaks this level based on player entries, it will continue to grow larger and larger. The top 25 players will always be the ones to get paid in this event, but those prizes will get bigger throughout the month until the end of May when a winner will be announced.

Harry Von Schlussel of Crazy Vegas Casino said, "This is a mammoth tournament in the sense that the more people who play and depending on how often they play, the more they can win at the end of the tournament. It's an amazing opportunity for those players who enjoy playing our video slots and who put a lot in and expect a lot out. We can't wait to announce the top 25 winners of the prize pool!" As Schlussel has noted, bigger wins are guaranteed with this prize format, and that's one of the key features of the Accumulator format.

Crazy Vegas Casino has several hundred games to choose from with a few hundred pokies, and a number of these games are going to be available for tournaments in this Accumulator format. Get in on the action to find out for yourself just how big the prize pools can get, and you could end up being the next big winner that they announce on their website. If you're a new player, cash in on their great welcome bonus that's worth up to AU$500 on top of 30 free spins across five deposits.