Mansion Casino Gives You a Chance to Crack the Code

November 28, 2012


There are a lot of different types of promotions that online casinos offer players who are looking for some extra value. Leaderboard competitions give players a chance to compete against other players for prizes, but a lot of times these competitions only reward high stakes players who can afford to play with thousands each day. Mansion Casino knows that it doesn't make sense to pit players against each other for prizes in this way, so they have come up with the Crack the Code promotion that gives players a chance to earn prizes on their own.

In Mansion Casino's Crack the Code promotion, players are given a specific target that they have to hit to win a prize. These targets and the prizes awarded might be different for different players, but this allows small stakes players to get in on the action. To get your target emailed to you, you'll have to opt-in for the promotion from the Mansion Casino Crack the Code web page. From there, you'll be able to earn points towards your target. You can earn points with all of the games available at Mansion Casino, but you will only have until December 9 to meet your goal.

Most leaderboard promotions are inherently unfair because they use points based on the size of your wagers, and all players cannot compete against each other on a fair playing field because of this. The Mansion Casino Crack the Code promotion, on the other hand, gives players a fair shot at a piece of the overall promotional prize pool because they can earn the points required on their own terms. They also know exactly how many points they have to earn instead of only knowing that information after the contest is over. This makes the Crack the Code promotion better than traditional leaderboard offers in many ways.

Mansion Casino is a well-known online casino to Australian players. Its wide range of games combined with its frequent promotions and bonus offers make it a real hot spot for online casino fans from Australia. With the Playtech online casino software, Mansion Casino is able to offer players a smooth and easy gaming experience that takes advantage of some of the newest technology in the industry. Right now is an excellent time to check out Mansion Casino and to try to Crack the Code for yourself!