Jackpot City Casino to Release Avalon II in February

January 13, 2014


While there are hundreds of games out there for slots fans, a select few have been the iconic titles of the genre. These titles are known for their outstanding popularity and how they tend to push the envelope with what's thought to be possible with slots on the Internet. After each of these releases have came up, the online slot world has normally been taken by storm as other software companies try to cash in on the trends by making their own versions of whatever has everyone so excited.

One game that falls into this category is Avalon, a video slot produced by Microgaming back in 2006. Jackpot City Casino is going to be receiving the sequel to this game next month, and everyone is very excited about it. A video trailer for the game has been released as everyone waits in anticipation of what the game will have to offer, but here's what we know so far. First off, it's going to be a five-reel game that uses the 243 ways format. The gameplay is based on a story that unfolds the more that you play, and this will help to create a much more in-depth experience for players. With eight different bonus features available, this game is clearly going to stand out.

After almost a decade of software companies focusing on putting out as many games as they can, they have recently figured out that they're going gaining any advantage by just throwing out dozens of new games each year. Instead, they're starting to put a lot more effort into these games and to try to help players develop new favorites. That's why we're starting to see more new releases like Avalon II that use storylines that build over time.

Jackpot City Casino is a modern casino site that uses the Microgaming software. They have a ton of games to choose from thanks to this software, and they'll be getting Avalon II in during February. If you're looking for slots, then this is the place to be because they have hundreds to choose from including dozens of progressives and classic slots as well. Overall, Jackpot City is a name that really fits this online casino because they announce big winners on a regular basis through their news feed. If you want a shot at some of the biggest jackpots that the industry has to offer, then this is the site that you want to play with.