Huge Revenue Increases Seen for Playtech

August 22, 2012


The fate of an online casino software company is mostly decided by the success of the online casinos that use its software. If the online casinos that use a developer's software do well, then this is a sign that the software company has created great games with a nice interface. In turn, other online casinos decide to start using the same software since it has been successful. If this pattern keeps up over time, then a snowball effect sits in as more and more players end up using the same software. When online software companies that are already successful start pulling in more players and more revenue, then you know that they are really staying on top of things.

This is the current situation with on-line casino software giant Playtech. After several years of being one of the top online casino software companies in the world, Playtech has recently announced that their revenues are still growing. When looking at the second quarter of 2012, Playtech had a gross income of 88.1 million euros. This is almost a 100 percent increase when compared to the second quarter of 2012, and this shows that some really heavy growth has been going on for the software giant.

Something that's very interesting about these numbers is that they include a decline in Playtech's online poker operations. The online poker industry has been in an overall decline for a number of years, and almost everyone is seeing a lack of growth. Playtech's online poker operations dropped 12 percent when compared to the second quarter of last year and amounted to 4.4 million euros worth of revenue. With recent developments in the online poker world, it's not certain how long this industry-wide decline will last, so there may be some hope for Playtech's poker operations in the near future.

Playtech has been operating since 1999, giving them well over a decade of experience in the online casino business. Their software is considered one of the top two in the world for online casinos, and they have held this position for a very long time. Playtech also has online gambling operations for bingo and poker, and their software in these areas are also both very popular. Playtech has been showing growth on a consistent basis almost every single year that they have been in operation, and with the high level of product that they provide, it's easy to see why.