Huge Pokies Winners Hit Platinum Play Casino in January

January 14, 2015


Right now, we're about two weeks into 2015. While two weeks doesn't seem like a long time, it's plenty to turn out some major winners at Platinum Play Casino. They have so many people playing so many great games that it's bound to turn up plenty of people who hit big payouts that will change their lives for the better, and we already have several examples of this. If you're looking for a reason to get in on the action and start off 2015 with one of the best online casinos out there, then these wins could be just the motivation you need to get started.

To start off, a player by the name of Ambrosio was able to pull AU$60,125 in winnings from the Bars and Stripes pokie. The top jackpot in this game is AU$50,000 so he was able to pull this on top of a series of other medium-sized wins to get his total payout. A lesson to be learned here is that jackpots by themselves don't have to be the only way you get paid in a major way, and his win would have been noteworthy even if he hadn't taken down the top payout in the game.

Another lucky player named Jamie nailed a payout of AU$58,233 on the Mayan Princess pokie, a very popular game at Platinum Play Casino. What makes this so interesting of a win, not to mention one of the biggest wins on this game ever, is that the top jackpot in the regular play is just AU$10,000 because this is a fairly low-volatility game with smaller swings. This game has multipliers and lots of bonus features, and that's likely the source of his big series of wins though no details are available at this time on exactly how the win was given.

And in a very timely turn of events, a player who goes by Rocco picked up AU$56,493 in wins on the Happy New Year pokie. It's obviously ironic that someone would get such big wins on this game just two months after the beginning of 2015, but Platinum Play Casino's games pay out big wins all around the year. Even though it has a Chinese theme, this is a game that people all over the globe can enjoy, and that much was proven by Rocco's big win over the past two weeks.