Go for Gold in the 7 Sultans Casino International Blackjack League Events

September 29, 2014


The International Blackjack League is an organization that is all about giving players opportunities to play in blackjack tournaments of different sizes, and 7 Sultans Casino has several events coming up soon that you can take part in that are a part of this league. The tournaments use elimination rules where everyone starts with the same number of chips. On about every fifth hand, the player with the lowest chip total is eliminated from the game. Play continues until only one player is left, and that makes this type of tournament particularly exciting.

So what happens if two players have the same chip total after an elimination hand? There are special sudden death rules in place to deal with situations where this happens. The player with the most chips at the beginning of the hand will be allowed to stay in the tournament, and the player with the least will be eliminated. If they both had the same number of starting chips, then the player who acted last will be eliminated. In this close of a situation, it's basically a coinflip when it comes to who gets to continue and who is removed from the event.

If you're familiar with poker tournaments, then you'll know that there are two basic types of tournaments in general. The first includes a lot of players at different tables, and this is typically called a multi-player tournament. However, there are also smaller events called sit-and-go tournaments. These are single-table events that start as soon as enough people have signed up. What's really cool about these tournaments is that they add an extra skill element to a game that's already heavily based on skill, so you actually have a chance to beat the other players and come out as a winner in the long run as long as you make better decisions than they do on average.

7 Sultans Casino is powered by the Microgaming software, so they have some of the best blackjack games that you can find anywhere. They have hundreds of total games available including an excellent selection of pokies as well. If you like promotions, you'll love being able to get a lot of bonuses and other specials that add value to your experience. For the tournament-minded player, they are a part of the International Blackjack League and other bodies that govern casino tournaments.