Get Paid With Pre-Halloween Deals at Omni Casino

October 7, 2013


Halloween is coming up at the end of October, and Omni Casino wants to make sure that you get your bankroll beefed up before the holiday season kicks into full swing. They have several different bonuses available for you this week, and they're all great offers. Make sure that you pick and choose your bonuses in a smart way so that you're able to maximize the amount of value that you get from what's being offered this week.

On Monday, October 7, you're going to get a little spook in before Halloween with a special, spooky mystery bonus offer. On your first deposit of the day, you'll get a bonus of anywhere from 75 percent to 140 percent. The most value you can get on this bonus offer is $140, and you'll need to deposit at least $30 to take advantage. This is a great bonus offer that adds some excitement with the mystery aspect. Even if you get the lowest possible bonus of 75 percent, it's still a great deal.

Go forward to Tuesday, October 8, and the deals just keep on coming. On your first deposit of that day that's worth at least $10, you'll be given a pretty massive bonus. This bonus is worth 246 percent, and you can get up to $100 with this offer. Of all of the offers that Omni Casino has available this week, this is the one that will probably appeal to low stakes players the most because of how you can get a sizable bankroll going for a deposit in the range of just $10 to $20.

Wednesday, October 9 gives you a chance for yet another bonus. Deposit at least $60 on your first deposit of the day to get a flat $80 bonus with this offer. This is a very straight-forward bonus promotion, and it will probably be the best offer available this week for people who want to make medium-sized deposits.

Omni Casino knows what players want because they have been in the game for several years. They use the Playtech software, and that gives them an extremely impressive selection of titles for you to pick from. With video slots, classic slots, video poker, blackjack, table games and more available, it doesn't matter what you prefer to play because Omni Casino has it all. Overall, this week is going to be a great one for boosting your bankroll, so make sure that you take advantage.