Game-Specific Bonuses and More Announced by Playtech

July 24, 2013


Promotions and bonuses are an important part of how online casinos give back to players and entice them to try new games and play more. There is a tradeoff between the casinos and the players with this type of arrangement, and both parties know what's at stake. Unfortunately, a lot of promotions, especially bonuses, are basically the same outside of the percentage details and wagering requirements. A lot of these restrictions on the types of bonuses that can be done are built into the software, but all of that could change soon thanks to a recent announcement by Playtech.

Playtech has announced a number of changes in how individual operators can create bonus opportunities. Most of the changes revolve around the ability to customize bonuses based on size, percentage, wagering requirements and the individual games that can be played. This will allow online casinos that use the Playtech software to really customize bonuses for players, and it gives them a lot more flexibility when it comes to the types of bonuses they can use to target specific types of players. Another change along these lines allows online casino operators to give free spins promotions targeted towards specific games, a strategy that many other software providers have been using for a while now.

Shimon Akad, the VP of Playtech's Operations, said, "We are thrilled to introduce these industry-leading features to market. They provide a level of flexibility that will help our valued operators to improve their marketing efforts tremendously and therefore increase their success and revenue. We believe these features represent the future of how operators target customers and have already received very positive feedback from some of our larger licensees."

Playtech is one of the two most popular and most successful online casino software developers in the world. Their software is used in a number of top online casinos, and it has the right mix of hot features and security that players love. Their wide range of awesome games, including tons of titles featuring top brands, are a big part of their portfolio and are one of the main things that keeps players coming back for more over and over again. Now with the ability to create hyper-flexible promotions, they'll be able to target players even better and give them even hotter promotions that fit what individual players want. This can only help their popularity in the long run.