Last Thursday, there were three division one winners in Australia’s record-setting Powerball draw 1209. On Sunday morning, the last of the trio confirmed their win. Each winner will take home $36,666,666.67 from a record-setting prize pool of $110 million.

Who Were the Winners?

The first two winners to claim their tickets were a couple from Sydney and a young man from Adelaide. The final winners are a couple from the Macedon Ranges in Central Victoria.

The final couple’s ticket was not registered to a Tatts card. Therefore, lottery officials had no way to contact them.

The male half of the couple started purchasing entries when the jackpot began to climb. He hoped to get a division 2 win someday, but he’s far surpassed those dreams.

According to the unnamed female, “We were talking on Friday night, and he was talking about what he would do if he won the lottery. I said, “Stop planning your life around winning the lottery.”

However, there was initially some confusion over the winning ticket. “We just kept looking at the numbers. I was saying “the numbers are not in the same order as the computer” so I wasn’t sure if the order mattered or not and whether we’d really won,” she said.

Fortunately, an official from the Lott confirmed their win on Sunday. Now it’s up to the couple to decide what to do with their tax-free winnings.

Local Shop Sells Winning Ticket

The couple purchased their entry at the Mid-Town Lotto, Shop 3, at the Gisborne Central Shopping Centre. Gisborne is a town of 9,822 residents, located 54 km northwest of Melbourne.

Shop owner John Kelly said, “The win has created a bit of buzz around town, that’s for sure.”

Kelly added that this was the first division one entry sold at the shop since he purchased it in 2001. Ever the optimist, he said he couldn’t wait to do it again.

Australian Powerball jackpot reaches record $110 million top prize.

Powerball Draw 1209 Payouts

Here’s a breakdown of the payout tiers for Powerball draw 1209, which took place on Thursday, 18th of July, 2019.

  • Division 1 paid $36,666,666.67 to each of 3 winners from a $110,000,000.01 prize pool.
  • Division 2 paid $49,276.10 to each of 34 winners from a $1,675,387.40 prize pool.
  • Division 3 paid $3,983.85 to each of 257 winners from a $1,023,849.45 prize pool.
  • Division 4 paid $410.95 to each of 4,530 winners from a $1,861,603.50 prize pool.
  • Division 5 paid $143.10 to each of 9,758 winners from a $1,396,369.80 prize pool.
  • Division 6 paid $66.40 to each of 135,958 winners from a $9,027,611.20 prize pool.
  • Division 7 paid $40 to each of 176,773 winners from a $7,070,920.00 prize pool.
  • Division 8 paid $16.80 to each of 832,131 winners from a $13,979,800.80 prize pool.
  • Division 9 paid $10.35 to each of 2,359,734 winners from a $24,423,246.90 prize pool.

Setting Records

The $110 million prize was the largest division 1 pool in the history of Australian gambling. However, since three people split the prize, there have been bigger winners.

  • Two winners split a pool of $80 million in July 2009.
  • May of 2015, a woman from Canberra became the only winner of a $50 million division 1 pool.
  • July of 2015, a woman from Western Australia won a $50 million division 1 pool.
  • January of 2016, a Queensland woman was the only winner of a $70 million division 1 prize.
  • January of 2018, an individual claimed the entirety of the $55 million division 1 pool after waiting nearly six months.
  • August of 2018, two winners shared a division 1 pool worth $100 million.
  • January of 2019, a Sydney resident won $107 million and set the record for the biggest individual lottery prize (so far).

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