Easter Hunt at Fair Go Online Casino

March 30, 2018


The Easter Hunt promotion at Fair Go online casino is more exciting than a three day weekend and better than a chocolate bunny. The casino friend Easter Bilby invites all players to uncover four eggs he has hidden across different Fair Go spots. Reveal all of them and you will be rewarded with a free AU$250 bonus for your efforts. Some players are already on the hunt for the third egg. But if you have not yet started the Easter Hunt here is how to begin.

To start the hunt for the first egg all you need to do is click on the link on the promotion page of the Fair Go online casino web site. You will then be transported to the serene seaside location of the first egg. Once you have found the right egg you can redeem your unique prize and enjoy playing any one of the popular online casino games. In order to help players find the second egg, Fair Go asks the question, “Have you checked your casino inbox lately?” Now there can be no clearer hint than that. Uncover the second egg, claim the bonus and then move on the hunt for the third one.

For hiding the third egg Fair Go online casino used its most popular and beloved mascot Kev the Koala. The hint given to the savvy Fair Go players is to keep up to date with Kev’s journal entries. Surprisingly, Kev did not know of this ruse. He said, “I’ve searched high and low for those Easter eggs. Through eucalyptus trees and gum trees, on the beach and in the surf. It turns out there was an egg right here in my home all along. That sneaky little Easter Bilby must have hid it here when I was out searching.” This Easter egg comes with its independent bonus of 75% of the deposit up to AU$1,000 and 50 free spins on Triple Twister online pokie.

After claiming this bonus as well you can start the search for the fourth and final Easter egg. Fair Go has just released the hint that an informed punter may want to check the official Fair Go Casino Facebook page. This egg offers an even bigger bonus. You can claim 200% up to $1000 and 40 free spins on Gemtopia. Once you have collected and redeemed all four eggs, check the casino inbox to find the code for the special prize of AU$250.