DraftKings Available in Australia

May 15, 2019

DraftKings, an American company focused on running fantasy-sports contests in which players can win real money, has announced that their platform is now live in Australia. Since 3 June, Australians have been able to participate in all DraftKings daily fantasy sports contests with players across Europe and the US.

Australia marks the sixth territory outside of North America that Draft Kings has entered since its inception in 2012. While it still remains to be seen whether the service will be as popular in Australia as it is in the US, it does mesh two great Aussie pastimes together: sports betting and gambling.

How Does a DraftKings Contest Work?

As DraftKings is new to Australia, it is highly likely that many Aussies do not know how the company’s services work. All players need to do is signup and pick a particular competition. (There are all sorts of different events to choose from including free and paid contests.) The player then chooses a sport and creates a team with a salary capped at a certain amount. (This means no person will ever be able to create a team filled only with star players.)

A sports event then takes place and players are able to watch the performance of their drafted team through the DraftKings website or app. Players then win cash on the basis of how well their assembled team has performed.

No Popular Australian Sports Available on DraftKings Yet

Ask any Aussie which sports are most popular in the country, and they’ll tell you cricket, Australian-rules football and rugby. Unfortunately, none of these sports are currently offered on the DraftKings platform yet, and no comment has been made about when they may appear.

According to a DraftKings press release, the organisation firmly believes that European football may prove to be a popular option in the territory. This prediction has been based on Australia’s participation in the upcoming FIFA World Cup. However, the world’s most popular sports tournament is short and only takes place every four years. Thus, it may be in the company’s best interest to add Australian sports as soon as possible if they wish to be successful in the region.

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