Double Deck Blackjack at Australian Gambling Websites

April 6, 2018


A new online blackjack variant has released at Australian online casinos like Joe Fortune and Ignition Casino. It is titled Double Deck Blackjack. It has the minimalist styling of the latest series of table games at these online casinos. The focus is on the cards and the paraphernalia is pushed unobtrusively to the side lines. In online blackjack, the advantage to the player increases as the number of decks in use is reduced. So the only thing better than Double Deck Blackjack is online blackjack played with a single deck. You will be hard pressed to find a single deck game that does not tweak some other rules in order to compensate for the advantage offered. The bet range is from AU$1 to AU$250, which covers both high roller and low roller players at Australian online casinos. The only fault that you may find is the Double Deck Blackjack is a single hand game.

Double Deck Blackjack is played in the normal manner. The two decks are shuffled after every game, so do not waste your time in counting cards. The dealer stands on soft 17. This also adds to the advantage of the player by marginally reducing the house edge. The rules for the player’s moves are as follows. You can split only once per round. Split aces automatically get one more card and then you have to stand. A 10-value card on a split ace is not considered blackjack. You can double on any two cards. The insurance bet is also available. It comes into play when the dealer’s face up card is an ace. You can protect yourself from dealer blackjack by purchasing a side bet of insurance. The bet is half the size of your original bet and pays 2 to 1. The expert blackjack players know that the insurance bet is not a viable offer and ignore it.

Regular players at Ignition Casino and Joe Fortune will easily understand the navigation of the new Double Deck Blackjack. It is similar to the other blackjack variants at these online casinos. For the benefit of the new players some important buttons are explained below. If you want to change your bet, clicking Undo removes the last bet placed. Clicking Deal after placing the bet initiates the round. After the game is over you have the following options. Rebet repeats the same wager. Rebet x2 doubles the wager of the last round. Clear All removes all bets and allows you to start afresh.