Christmas Comes Early at Mansion Casino

November 24, 2014


Christmas is coming up in about a month, and it's known as being one of the biggest times of the year for receiving gifts. Mansion Casino is letting Christmas come early this year with a lot of gifts of their own for lucky players. In this leaderboard promotion, you could win up to $15,000 towards Christmas presents for this year on top of tons of other prizes. You have an opportunity to win points in this promotion through November 30, so make sure to cash in because it's all on the line for the holidays with this awesome event.

Here's how you can get in on the action. Start by opt-ing in to the promotion. Then all of the loyalty points you earn before the promotional period ends will give you a spot on the leaderboard. If you're high enough on your leaderboard, then you'll win prizes. There are different leaderboards for different levels of players. The VIP Elite players can win up to $15,000 in Christmas presents; $7,500 for second; $5,000 for third; $2,500 for fourth or $1,500 for fifth. The prizes don't stop there as you can see from the following.

If you're a bronze, silver or gold level member, then first place will get you $5,000 in Christmas gifts: a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a Powermonkey Extreme 12v, a Garmin Nuvi 5" Sat Nav, an ASUSx551 15.6" laptop, Instant Table Tennis, two Slap It On watches, an Xbox One with FIFA15, a home cinema popcorn kit, a Zuko Slush and Shake maker, a sWaP Smart Watch and Phone, Swarovski nude set and a Canon EOS600D Camera. You'll also be given a Swarovski USB and pen set as a stocking stuff. Another payout of $1,000 goes to second place with $500 for third, $250 for fourth and $125 for fifth on this particular leaderboard.

Mansion Casino is one of those sites that's known for putting on a lot of atypical promotions instead of just offering the same thing over and over. This is a lot different than some sites which have the same bonuses and offers all the time. While they can be great values, they can also bore you to death. Mansion Casino fixes this problem by giving players lots of different ways to get value even if it's in the form of a lot of cool prizes instead of boring bonuses.