Cabaret Club Offering Weekly Loyalty Point Specials

September 12, 2012


The Cabaret Club is one online casino that takes its loyalty program very seriously. While the loyalty program is often an afterthought at many online casinos, the Cabaret Club's loyalty program actually gives players a lot of value because they have so many special promotions that center around it. You can get point multipliers several times during the week, and these specials cover all types of games for all kinds of players. With so many different ways to get extra loyalty points at the Cabaret Club, you'll be cashing in your points for prizes in no time.

The week starts off with Monday Madness. On every Monday, players will get doubled points on selected games. These games include all blackjack variations, all types of roulette and all of the Cabaret Club's progressive slots. Things continue during the week with Tuesday Treasures. On Tuesday, your treasure is that the promotion from Monday continues all through Tuesday with double loyalty points on all of the same games. Blackjack players and roulette players have a lot of opportunities to rack up extra points with the Cabaret Club's loyalty point multiplier promotions that happen on a weekly basis.

The action continues with Winning Wednesdays. On each Wednesday, players will get double points on all blackjack and roulette games once again. However, they will also get double points on all of the new games in the Cabaret Club's lineup. This gives players a lot of incentive to check out new and fresh games as they are added to the Cabaret Club's game selection. Thunderous Thursdays comes next with double points on all roulette and blackjack games. However, players will also get double points on all wagers on the Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II slots. These are two of the most popular slots in online gambling history, and you can get extra loyalty points for playing them every Thursday at the Cabaret Club.

After all of these loyalty point multipliers, things get even better on the weekends. During the weekends, players get not double but triple loyalty points on all blackjack games and roulette games. On top of this, there is a different selection of slots set up each weekend where you can get tripled loyalty points as well. The Cabaret Club is an excellent place to play roulette, blackjack and slots because of these awesome loyalty point multipliers that happen each and every week.