Amazing 4 Seasons Online Pokie at Casino Room

March 9, 2016


A new online pokie from Betsoft has gone live at Casino Room. It is a little late for the Chinese New Year, but perfect for the occasion. It very cleverly combines this theme with the changing of the seasons and is appropriately titled 4 Seasons.

The 12 symbols that award regular line payouts are the animals from the Chinese Zodiac. They are depicted in 3D as soft toys. If the animals are cute, the win animations are cuter and for a moment you may forget that there are other aspects to this online pokie. The payout table is very unusual. All symbols have the same payout. Combinations of three symbols pay 10 times the line bet, four symbols pay 20 times the line bet and five symbols pay 50 times the line bet. The payouts are also extremely low, but there is more to come. The Seasonal Wheel is an amazing innovation. All 12 animals are depicted on the wheel. The animal on top is the Golden Animal and awards a multiplier of 10x. The animals on either side are Silver Animals and award a multiplier of 5x. Then the three animals to the left and right are Bronze animals and award a multiplier of 2x. After every 30 spins the Seasonal Wheel rotates one step and different animals become Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The Seasonal Wheel is also the key to the 4 Seasons visual effect. The reels are set in the background of scenic beauty. Every 90 spins the season changes from spring to summer to autumn to winter. The effect of this on the background scene is depicted in minute detail. You will be compelled to keep playing just to watch the season change.

There are other features in the 4 Seasons online pokie at Casino Room that will provide the payouts. Symbols can appear in blocks. A 2×2 block doubles payouts, a 3×3 block triples payouts, a 4×4 block multiplies payouts 5 times and a 5×5 block multiplies payouts 10 times. The Golden Cat is the wild symbol. It substitutes for all symbols other than the scatter symbol. If you are lucky enough to land five of these generous cats in an active payline then you will be rewarded with 10,000 times your line bet. The Yin & Yang logo is the scatter symbol. It does not award scatter payouts but triggers the free spins feature. Three symbols trigger 8 free spins, four symbols trigger 12 free spins and five symbols trigger 20 free spins.