All Slots Casino Introduces Leagues of Fortune Slot

August 16, 2012


All Slots Casino has recently introduced a new addition to its already huge lineup. The new game is the Leagues of Fortune video slot, and it has a lot of features that make it stand out from the hundreds of slots that All Slots Casino already offers. One of the main features of this game is its format which uses five reels and 1,024 paylines. What's more is that this game does not require winning combinations to go left to right. Instead, you can make a winning combination anywhere on a payline as long as the symbols themselves are adjacent to each other.

The size of Leagues of Fortune is a bit atypical. Most modern video slots feature five reels with three symbols showing on each. To fit in all 1,024 paylines, this game had to be enlarged to show five reels with four symbols showing instead. The scatter symbol in this game is a Treasure Chest symbol, and if you get two or more of them anywhere on the five-by-four grid of symbols, then you'll get a payout prize. Pick up three or more of the Treasure chest scatter symbol, and you'll get a set of free spins as well.

The free spins are awarded by a Giant Squid that has Golden Tentacles. He reaches out grabbing symbols that determine how many free spins you get. The most free spins you can get at once is 35, but all of your payouts during your free spins are given a massive 5x multiplier. This is huge and gives you a ton of value for your free spins. On top of the free spins, there is also the Leagues of Fortunes Logo symbol that is wild and shows up even more often than you would think because of the expanded reels. What's really cool about the wild symbol is that it's stacked no matter if you're playing paid spins or free spins, you'll usually pick up multiple wins on the same spin with them.

This game also features the Your Gamble feature that a number of popular slots use that give you a chance to play a Gamble feature with a portion of your winnings on any given spin instead of the whole amount. Overall, the Leagues of Fortune video slot is a nice change in pace from the typical video slots that use the five-by-three layout with 20 to 50 paylines.