All Slots Casino Announces Pharaoh's Rewards Weekly Promotion

August 8, 2012


All Slots Casino is one of the most popular online casinos that offers its services to Australian players. They are so popular with players from Australia because of their awesome game selection and promotions that give players a lot of value. All Slots Casino keeps players happy because they understand that players want to feel respected when it comes to their online casino experience. With their new Pharaoh's Rewards promotion, All Slots Casino is keeping with their trend of giving the players more of what they want on a regular basis, a formula that has made them one of the most popular online casinos in the world.

The Pharaoh's Rewards promotion is effectively a weekly leaderboard contest that starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday of the following week. Players earn points in a few different ways, and the 180 players with the highest number of Pharaoh's Rewards points will share $8,000 in prizes each week. In total, this promotion will be giving away $416,000 each year, all of which will go directly to the players. The Pharaoh's Rewards promotion is based on play with the real money slots available at All Slots Casino.

Players start off by getting 10 Pharaoh's Rewards points every time they wager a total of $100 at the All Slots Casino slot games. This could be $10 wagered 10 times or $1 wagered 100 times; it doesn't matter as long as your total wagers come to $100. On top of this, players will get an additional 25 bonus points for each individual day that they play the slots. This rewards players who get on and play on a regular basis. On top of this, players who play all seven days of that Pharaoh's Rewards period will get another 50 bonus points.

The first place winner each week will win $1,000. Second through fifth places will get $500 each. A prize of $250 is given to sixth through ninth, while 10th through 19th will pick up a nice $100 each. If you get 20th through 39th, you'll win a $50 prize, and a prize worth $25 will be given to 40th through 79th. Finally, 80th through 180th place will be given $10 each. This comes to a total of $8,000 given away weekly. Players who enjoy slots will love the chance to win extra prizes each week with the Pharaoh's Rewards promotion at All Slots Casino.