All Slots Casino Airs First Television Campaign

November 11, 2013


Because of the legal grey area of online casinos in certain parts of the world, and because of the moral grey area that gambling falls into for much of the population, online casinos have not received much play on television in terms of advertising. While the industry has been making a lot of progress in many areas of business, this is one barrier that they have been unable to scale for a long time. With a recent announcement, however, it looks like we could be seeing online casino advertisements on television soon enough.

All Slots Casino has announced that they have launched their first advertising campaign for television. This campaign will air in the United Kingdom, and it will be pushing a £33 no deposit bonus for people who sign up for a new account no matter which platform they use. Over the next six weeks, the advertisements will air on a number of channels including Sky Ports 1, ITV2, Sky1 and Channel 5. The commercials focus primarily on the great game selection that All Slots Casino has to offer and their multiplie platforms for play.

The Vice President of Player Relations at All Slots Casino is David Brickman, and he made a statement about this new campaign: "We want to make all our players feel welcome at All Slots Casino, and we hope new UK palyers will enjoy the generous bonus we have on offer."

This announcement isn't that big of a surprise to people who have been following All Slots Casino's marketing efforts lately. During the summer, they released an app in the UK App Store that went over very well and was one of the most-downloaded applications of the summer. By coming at players from all angles and becoming more well-known in mainstream society, it has made it easier for them to get the advertising deal.

Pushing boundaries is something that All Slots Casino is very good at. For example, they have been one of the online casinos that has pushed their mobile product the most, and that's why they were able to get their UK App Store application to a very high spot on the top downloads list. Their popularity has increased a great deal because they have worked to make themselves more accessible to players who are more likely to play with a mobile device than on a desktop computer.