777 Dragon Casino Offers Massive Loyalty Program

April 30, 2014


People who are fans of online casino games know that one of the things you have to be concerned with is getting as much value as you can. There are two main approaches to this. The first approach is to get promotions that reward you a medium or large amount over the short run. The second approach is to take advantage of programs that reward you with small amounts that come frequently over the long run. The second approach tends to pay out the most over time, though you can combine the two in many instances.

The 777 Dragon Casino loyalty program is a great example of the type of ongoing promotional offer that will reward you on every single bet you make. Generally speaking, you earn comp points called C-Bucks by playing the real money pokies and other games. For every 10 casino credits in your currency that you wager, you're going to get between 1 C-Buck and 2 C-Bucks depending on which loyalty tier you are at. You can redeem your points for credits to your account, and this basically turns this program into a massive cashback offer that never ends no matter what you play.

There are four different tiers in this loyalty program. Everyone starts out at the Green level, and you can proceed to the Silver level after you earn at least 1,000 C-Bucks. Players at the Silver level progress to Gold with 6,000 C-Bucks, and you can make it to the Platinum level (which is the highest) by breaking the 20,000 C-Bucks mark. Once you get to the Platinum level, you'll be earning 2 C-Bucks for every 10 credits that you wager, and that means that you'll be earning them twice as quickly as you would at the Green starting level.

With 777 Dragon Casino, you get an awesome Asian theme with tons of games to choose from. They use the Microgaming casino software, and that will give you access to hundreds of the most popular pokies available in the industry. Cash in on the awesome opportunity that this loyalty program gives you to earn extra money on top of all of the promotions that they have on a regular basis for playing pokies. Your points don't expire, and you can turn them directly into bonuses or cash once you reach the Platinum level in this awesome program.