7 Sultans Casino Offers a High-Value Loyalty Program

May 21, 2014


In today's online casino environment, different types of sites offer value to players in different ways. In the early days, you would bounce from casino to casino in order to take advantage of the different promotional offers that they had going on for new players. There wasn't much available in terms of long-term rewards at individual sites, and that's why it made sense to move around so much. However, the sites figured this out and started offering more and more value to players who stuck around for longer. This has created a “hump” effect where you get more value when you first come to a site than after you've been there for a couple of weeks, but you get even more value after you stay for several weeks of play.

At 7 Sultans Casino, they have a unique arrangement of bonuses and promotions that give you good value from your very first deposit, and their loyalty program provides a lot of that value. The way it works is that you earn points for playing real money games. You can one point for every one dollar you wager at pokies, for every five dollars you wager at unlisted table games in the following, for every 10 dollars wagered at roulette or sic bo, for every 20 dollars wagered at video poker, Baccarat, craps, and most blackjack, and for every 100 dollars wagered at classic blackjack and All Aces video poker.

So what can you do with your points? The answer at some online casinos is convoluted and overly complicated, but that's not the case at 7 Sultans Casino. At this site, your points are worth a direct transfer of cash to your account. What's more is that you can earn these points, which is the same as earning cash, at faster rates depending on which level of the loyalty program you're on.

Everyone starts at the silver level, and it takes 10,000 points in a month to earn access to the gold level. You'll need 25,000 to get to platinum and 75,000 to get to diamond. Each of these levels has big benefits, and that includes special weekly promotions, bonus points for your birthday, earning points faster, and more. Overall, the 7 Sultans Casino loyalty program is a pretty big deal, and the amount of value that you can get from it isn't something that you'll want to ignore no matter what games you prefer.