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This is one of the most popular card games in the world, at land-based casinos and online casinos. This is a fast paced game and may be one of the main reasons why it is as appealing as a way to try and make a quick buck. Single deck up to multi deck (8 deck ) blackjacks are the most common that you will find anywhere today.

The basic principles are the same. You are playing against the house (the dealer). The Players are dealt two cards and the idea is to get as close to 21 as possible. This can be achieved with two cards. A King, Queen, and a Jack are worth 10 and an Ace can be worth a one or eleven, just as in real life. So if you receive an Ace and any ten, you will have achieved a Natural blackjack and will receive your winnings.

You can stick/hold/stay with any number and depending on which game you are playing, the house rules say that a dealer must either stick on 16 or 17. There are strategies available to help you with your game, some are more proven than others and this is called basic strategy and can be applied to most blackjack varieties.

Most online casinos have blackjack rooms starting from as low as AU$0.50 per hand up to AU$500 per hand and some games will offer single hand or multihand blackjack. This means that players can play up to five hands at once. Other fun in-play features such as Side Bets, Doubling, Splitting and Insurance should be available. This can increase your chance or winning, or soften the load should you lose.

If you end up with the same amount as the dealer, for example if you both have 19, the game will end in a draw, known as a push. You will therefore get your money back.


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