Roulette made its debut in 18th century France, and it’s since become an enduring casino classic. Whether you’re a veteran of the game, or just trying it for the first time, these roulette tips are meant to improve your overall experience.

Avoid Roulette Entirely

Roulette is a game of chance, so the odds of consistently beating the house aren’t good. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone who makes a living playing this game (online or otherwise).

While it’s a lot of fun, you’re better off choosing another game when it’s time for some serious gambling. I suggest video poker, as it actually provides the player with an advantage under the right circumstances.

Research Your Casino

Don’t play at an online casino until you’ve researched it. Make sure you can answer the following questions:

  • Does the casino have a reputation for being honest?
  • How long does it take to receive payouts from the casino?
  • What’s the reputation of their customer service department?
  • What are the requirements for cashing out the online casino bonus?
  • Is this casino legal in my country?

If you don’t like the answers, just remember that you can always go elsewhere. For Aussie players, I suggest looking at PlayAmo, Joe Fortune, or Ignition Casino.

Forget the Betting Systems

Some players swear by betting systems such as Cancellation and Martingale. In truth, you’d be just as likely to win playing a system designed by Santa Claus.

All roulette spins are independent of one another, so previous results have no bearing on future outcomes. This renders all betting systems useless, so do yourself a favour and ignore them.

If you don’t believe me, check out this quote from the online gambling guru known as the Wizard of Odds:

“However, in the long run no betting system can withstand the test of time. The longer you play, the ratio of money lost to money bet will get closer to the expectation for that game.”

Try Even Money Bets

Some of the best roulette wagers are even money bets, which give you a 50% chance of winning. These include options such as high/low, red/black, and even/odd. It’s like betting on a coin toss, but the simplicity of these wagers appeal to plenty of players.

Start with Free Tables

If a casino offers free practice tables, always start there. This allows you to learn all the rules before graduating to real-money play. Online players should also be able to find plenty of free roulette programs.

Screenshot of a virtual roulette game designed by NetEnt.

Focus on European Roulette

If you have a choice between American and European roulette, always choose the latter. European has a 0 slot and a 2.7% house edge. Meanwhile, American has 0 and 00 slots, which makes for a 5.26% house edge. The advantage of European roulette should now be obvious. Unfortunately, not all online casinos offer it as an option.

Develop Amnesia

As I stated in the last entry, the result of each roulette spin is independent of the next one. This is especially true of online roulette, where you can’t even hope for a lazy croupier or faulty table.

This makes roulette a pure game of chance. As such, it’s wise to forget about the result of the previous spin. If you start looking for patterns, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Get Comfortable

This tip won’t exactly help you win, but it will make the experience more enjoyable. When playing at home, always make sure to get as comfortable as possible.

I like to turn down the lights, pour myself a Coke, and listen to some Rolling Stones. Your preferences may differ, of course, but you get the idea.

In Conclusion

Roulette is a game of chance. The sooner you come to terms with this fact, the better off you’ll be.

While you might not be able to find trends or predict outcomes, you can still help your chances. This mainly involves staying away from tendencies and options that lower your odds of winning. That’s where my list of roulette tips comes in handy.

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