Winning Big With Let Em Ride

January 26, 2018


If you look at the winners lists at some Australian online casinos like Joe Fortune and Ignition Casino you will find many big winners on a table game called Let Em Ride. Read on for some effective tips on maximising your returns in this game. Soon you may find your name on this list.

First it is important to understand the game play. You place three equal bets. You will be dealt three cards face up and two cards face down. If you think that the cards are not favourable you can remove one of the bets or let all three bets ride. Then one of the face down cards is turned over. Again you choose from the same two options. Finally the last card is turned over. If the five-card hand matches with any of the pay table rankings then all the bets remaining on the table are paid out.

The pay table starts with tens or better paying even money. The payouts increase with the hand rankings. Two pairs pays 2 to 1. Three of a kind pays 3 to 1. Straight pays 5 to 1. Flush pays 8 to 1. Full House pays 11 to 1. Four of a kind pays 50 to 1. Straight flush pays 200 to 1. The highest payout is 1,000 to 1 for royal flush. The later part of this article explains the strategy involved in deciding whether you should remove a bet or let it ride. If you master the optimum Let Em Ride strategy, you can expect an average return of 96.5%.

You make two decisions in this online casino table game. The first one is when there are three cards are face up on the table. You let all three the bets ride only when you hold the following cards. The three cards already make a paying combination like tens or better or three of a kind. You also let the bets ride when you hold any three cards to a royal flush or three cards to a straight flush. You will have noticed that you should play conservatively and remove a bet in most cases. With four cards exposed on the table, the optimum Let Em Ride strategy is as follows. You should let the remaining bets ride if you have a hand that already pays. You also let the bets ride if you hold any four cards to any flush or to a straight.