Why Some Deposit Bonuses Have Better Terms Than You Think

August 22, 2014


The issue that all players have to contend with is getting as much value as they can with their deposits through bonuses and other types of promotions. To help prevent abuse of these promotions so that they can continue to be offered to players, casino sites make players deal with wagering requirements. The general idea here is that you have to play through a certain amount of wagers before you're allowed to cash out, and this prevents abuse from people who aren't actually looking to play any of the games. This is a necessary, but sometimes annoying, part of these promotional offers.

For pokies players in particular, sometimes these wagering requirements can create situations that look like they aren't very favorable when they actually are depending on your play style. The way that most people play is that they put in small or medium deposits whenever they feel like playing, and they mostly just play low and mid-stakes until they either take down some big jackpots to cash out or they go bust. This process repeats itself over and over again, win or lose, and this provides some insight on how you can get the most from deposit bonuses.

Generally speaking, people who try to evaluate bonus terms and conditions look at how much they are expected to lose while they clear the play-through requirements and then compare that to how much they earn from the bonus. If there's a big enough gap in favor of the player, then they will take the bonus. However, if you are the type of player who uses the style and betting patterns that we mentioned above, then you're actually in good shape to use even bonus offers that have higher wagering requirements because of the way things work out in the long run.

Here's how this works. The only way that you're going to care about the wagering requirements with this style is if you get some big wins that mean you're going to want to cash out. To maximize your chances of this happening, you need to get the biggest bonus you can. The way this works out, you're only increasing your chances of getting a big payout without worrying about what happens otherwise, and that's why these bonuses have better terms and conditions that it can seem like if you don't think about the big picture.