Why Branded Online Pokies Are So Popular

July 10, 2015


Branded online pokies have essentially the same structure and gaming features as normal pokie games, but are much more popular. Because of this online casino developers like Microgaming and Playtech regularly introduce new branded pokie games in their portfolio. This article examines some of the reasons for the popularity of branded pokies.

There may be movies or television shows that you have really liked. When you come across an online pokie based on that brand it gives you an opportunity to relive the joyful experience of watching it and engage in great gaming at the same time. There are many ways in which the brand is recreated in the pokie game. The most noticeable is that it uses the real likeness of characters from the movie or TV show. For example the Microgaming branded pokie Jurassic Park features the paleontologists Allan Grant and Ellie Sattler along with mathematician Ian Malcolm and the park’s creator John Hammond as the high paying symbols on the reels. Then during the win animations some of the best clips featuring that character are played out. In Jurassic Park in the five of a kind big wins the clips are played on a large screen that covers most of the reels.

The Marvel branded pokies are extremely popular because the symbols on the reels go beyond the characters in the movies. Each super hero has an alter ego, a source of his powers, favorite weapons and other items associated with his background that have been detailed in several Marvel comics. The branded pokie becomes a sort of museum for the fan of the super hero. Therefore in the Elektra branded pokie from Playtech you have Elektra's favorite weapons the sword-like twin Sais and the star shaped throwing discs Shuriken as the symbols on the reels. A very poignant symbol is the pendant given to her by her dying mother.

The bonus games in branded pokies also are often based on the brand. Take for example Ghost Rider from Playtech. In the bonus game you help Ghost Rider to capture up to 10 ghosts and win bonus credits. The Incredible Hulk, again a Playtech branded pokie, had a penchant for smashing police cars. The animated Smash Bonus in the pokie game is based on this.

There are other features used in branded pokies. Almost all of them will have an introductory clip. Jurassic Park has introduced an innovative feature. The background to the reels is a dense forest. The forest scene keeps moving sideways as the reels spin, giving the appearance of moving deeper and deeper into the forest.